Pesan dan Kesan Buat RnB English Course

Pesan dan Kesan Buat RnB English Course
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Hi guys...
My name is devi anjarwati, i come from pontianak-kalimantan barat
RnB is a good course. I really fell comfort when i was studying. In this course there is no different between teacher or students becuase we are same, we are like a friend and we are family. This is the first time for me come to pare, actually i ever said to my friend that i will not come to pare anymore but suddenly i change my mind when i fell love like a family. All of people here very friendly and kind. Insyallah i'll be back here again exactly i'll join in RnB again and only RnB ({}) because RnB is my family now. But, for now i should back to my hometown. guys I wanna say thank u very much for everything. Im so sorry if i made mistake without i know or maybe there are words make ur heart hurt. I really feel happy here i feel a big love here. In this week exactly sunday i will back to my hometown. i will miss u all ({}) i love u . see u on the top. By Devi Anarwati

RnB is really the craziest family, we not only just study but we also play many games when we are in the class. Every games, we always use powder to punish someine who's wrong. And it's so funny when our friends get powder ^-^ By Hani Bawani Amalina
does not feel long been a thing we live together is hard, sad, emotion joy. all mixed into on unforgettable there are many thing heve in pare what should I take to go though all this feels heavy, I have continue the sake of my future school. for family health Rnb hopefully always given by God that somebody can meet again I feel happy during I study in here , Because I can find many knowledge and many experience , I can also meet family in here like RnB family and I am sad if i leave of my family in here , and i can only say I MISS RnB family so much with much love. By Dewi

In the end of a story, it would always start creating new stories, as well as the separation.
Why we are afraid to end if we dare to start? Why we are afraid to farewell if we dare to be together?
Thanks for all tutor RnB English Course, I will never forget you. See you soon on the top of our succes. By Muhammad Azmil Mubarrok

Hari ini saya mewakili dari bawean mau mengucapkan terimakasih atas waktunya yang telah memberikan kami ilmu yang sangat-sangat kami hargai, yang sangat-sangat kami butuhkan, Meski hanya 2 minggu. Kami berterimakasih banyak atas semua tutor-tutor yang udah mau melimpahkan banyak ilmu untuk kita. Rasa rindu akan terasakan ketika kami akan neninggalkan RnB tercinta ini dan hanya bisa mengingat dengan moment manis. Moment yang tak dapat dilupakan. Sekali lagi kami benar-benar mengucapkan banyak terimakasih dan doakan kami agar kami semua bisa sukses. See you soon on the top of our success. By Indah Nafilah 

Ser, I'm very grateful for everything that you have taught to me, little by little i knew more about English, I learned in pare is not only just about English but also many experiences i got here, thank you very much RnB English Course.... By Andre

When I first come here
I really existed...
But... when in the middle of our meeting I started think this is so boring... But... when I will finish with rnb I started think...
I'll miss all of moment in rnb.
We are playing games together
We are punishing by our teacher.
And many other moment will I miss later.
Expecially all of teacher in rnb.
Mr. Rian, our Speaking teacher
Ms. Andari, our Vocabulary teacher
Ms. Rara, our grammar teacher
Mr. Deni, our Pronunciation teacher
And Mr Nizar, our Speaking teacher.
We will miss games from Mr Rian
Beautiful girl like Ms Andari
Matchmaking Ms. Rara and Mr. Deni
And Mr Nizar who pretending he is cool... And.. many other moment I'll miss..
Thanks you for all of you knowledge...
I'll always remember you!!!
Thanks to RnB
Kalian mengajarkan bahwa bukan masalah waktu kita akan dekat.
Namun, seberapa gila kita untuk mencoba.
tak akan ada hasilnya jika kita tak mencobanya.
and last! I'm Isti Artika Haris, see you soon of the top of our success!!! By Isti Artika

RnB telah mengajarkan saya tahu menyusun kata dengan baik , berbicara bahasa inggris denga tepat. Mengajarkan bagaimana saya menghargai menikmati akan kebersamaan suka duka yang kami lewati. RnB telah memberikan pengalaman pahit menjadi manis yang menjadi moment yang sulit dilupakan. RnB telah menghadirkan teman baru , menghadirkan cinta baru dan cerita baru yang telah mewarnai hidup saya. Terimakasih buat semua tutor yang udah baik mengajarkan , melimpahkan ilmu yang berharga buat kita. Ilmu yang akan menjadi bekal dan mengiringi kesuksesanku. Don't be afraid to make a mistake. See you soon on the top of our succes By Indah Nafilah

Nikmatilah waktumu yg sesingkat2 itu . Karna Waktu bukanlah slhstu penghalang untuk bisa Hebat, merasakan apa itu arti kebersamaan . so ,use your time even if only briefly,  Thank you for RNB family to meet at the pinnacle of success, by Dea Orta Ans

Di setiap pertemuan pasti akan ada perpisahan,tapi tidak akan ada perpisahan yg abadi. Tidak perlu seseorg yg sempurna,karna kebahagian itu tidak akan selalu hadir dari sosok yg sempurna. Jadilah diri sendiri,yg bisa menghgai wktu dan orang di sekitarmu. Dan saya percaya,kita akan bertemu di suatu tempat yg lbih indah.
I Love RnB. See you soon on the top of our succes.  By Marwanda Da Usfa

Trimakasih buat RNB cours ( mr.rian - ms.andari - ms.rara - mr.deni - mr.nizar - mr.bayu - mr.rahmat ) yang sudah memberikan ilmu dan kebersamaan slama kita krsus di RNB.. kebersamaan ini lah yg akan kita ingat selalu..
Dan jga trimakasih atas bedak,kopi yg tlah MISS. Dan MR. Berikan kpda muka kita di saat kita tdk dpat menyimak dengan baik apa plajrn yg tlah di berikan..
Kami sangat senang di prhatikan oleh smua MISS. Dan MR. di RNB COURS..
...I LOVE YOU RnB... By  Agri

Mksh yah keluarga ke duaku.,
Karna kalian aku bisah hidup d pare,krna kalian aku bisah bhs.inggris,dan krn kalian aku bisah mndptkn tmn/keluarga baru...
Terima kasih atas semuanya yg telah di kasih kepada kita atw saya sendiri...
Saya benar" senang bsh ketemu kalian di pare
Mudahmudahan kekeluargaan kita msh bsh bertahan seperti skrng.amin
And see you again.
 Walaupun semalam kita meneteskan air mata bareng,tpi air mata itu tanda persaudaraan kita...
Saya dan tmn" yg akn mau pulang dekat" in benarbenar akn merindukan kalian atw RnB...
I LOVE RnB.  By Fitry Nur Aulia

When the people ask to me "Why you choose Rnb Englishcourse Parekediri ?"
The First,i will answer RnB English Course because RnB can pick up me at airport. Because this is the first time I am at Pare hehe. The second,I choose RnB because RnB have 1 package go to Bali,Bromo,Malang,and Yogyakarta. Because I like traveling. I come here for study and traveling. The third,RnB have slogan "We are crazy". I angered to that slogan. So,that reason why I choose RnB. By Arrum Wirawati

Hari terakhir di Pare kediri jawa timur,makasih untuk Rnb Englishcourse Parekediri ,cuma Di pare gua bisa melihat wajah2 anak bangsa di seluruh Indonesia, Pare punya Cerita By Robin

Rnb english. I feel happy to be in Rnb. because since I entered in my mental Rnb have started to grow. and the more important again? The Rnb was not taught the English language only. but about religion too. Her principal in Rnb not much different from the same at the islamic boarding scool.
pare-19-august-2015 By Ahmad Fajar Shodiq

I choose RnB because RnB teach us to believe our self and crazy in English, and also RnB teach us about something haven't found before. In my mind the tutor RnB's is carefully and them teachs us the best way to study English. So, they are the best in my mind. I love them.... By Rofiatul Khoiriah Nasution

RnB is a place where we taught the lesson that we never get anywhere, but so worth it. RnB teach family is so warm, and rnb also teaches us to bring a sense of confidence that we can become like a crazy person who does not know shame. therefore I chose RnB. By Syifa Izzati Nur Shabrina

Why do i choose RnB to be my english course because of my friend suggested to me to choose it.
And i think RnB english course is a good english course cause they have good tutors who can teach us with their fun method
Let's gether together with us ! Rnb Englishcourse Parekediri
By Elisa

What do you think about RnB english course?
In my opinion RnB is one of the money please in pare exactly english village. I think the methodology at RnB is very good. Why I said like that? Because at RnB beside we are learning, we also have the religion. And than just for your information guys, tutor in RnB it's cool like Mr.Riyan,Mr.Damar and Mr. Fatir. They always tell us about their story in their lives. And also they always give us the motivation for serious in learning. So of course there are a lot of tings that I can't expland about RnB.
Why you choose RnB english school?
Before I come here exactly english village I just know about RnB from My friend (Immawan Kemal Sandi)and from sosial media. Actually I choose RnB english course, I am afraid to lost in pare hehehe because it's the first time I come here. And at RnB I have friend (kemal sandi) mayby it's my reason why I choose RnB... and also after I choose RnB course I met with people who come from the different city they are very kind and now we are like family.... By Ardi

Thank you for RNB English Course has given me new lessons about english language. Thanks also to sisters that there in camp 4 for attention to me when I was there you have given happiness to me. I am very happy to be there. I will miss RNB because here a lot of memories. when I was getting sick you were really care about me. I am very grateful to you really care of me. RNB goodbye I'll remember the memories we've passed we travel together By Dinda Arvin

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